Friday, June 24, 2011

Okay what a great first festival Sterling Stage was in Sterling NY!! They loved the puppets from One World Puppetry! I love working with the puppets! Plus, I was able to set up a 10 by 10 with my stuff Twisted Sister Creations or Twisted Sister Crafts! Everyone liked my Newest creation glycerin Tinctures and of course I had a rack of my sewing goodies, Homemade wine, Brownies, and my 2 for $5.00 deal tub! I met many great new people! Everyone there made us feel very very welcomed! This one lady named Donna who had a stroke about a year ago. She was shaking badly and we could hardly understand her words. So, I gave her some of my tinctures about a dropper full. I told to come back with in 30 min or so. When she came back her shaking had stopped and we could understand her speaking! She could not believe it and neither could her son too! She said it had been a long since she had felt that good! It was my Tinctures that had helped her! What a great plant this is!
I hope to keep this blog updated this summer as I travel around to spread the words of how this plant can help many!
Twisted Sister

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